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Team ThinkUp!

Designed to promote critical thinking for grades K–6 and secondary grades 6–8, Team ThinkUp! includes a full-color student activity book, containing one unit for each of The 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™: Adapt, Examine, Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Inquire, Link, Reflect, and Strive. With Team ThinkUp!, you’ll not only be teaching your students about the 9 traits, you’ll be empowering them to use critical thinking at school, at home, and throughout life!

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ThinkUp! ELAR, Math, Science, and Writing

ThinkUp! Math and ThinkUp! ELAR (Levels 1–8), ThinkUp! Science (Levels 3–8), and ThinkUp! Writing (Levels 4 and 7) each integrate critical thinking across subjects and curricula. These products build students who are thinkers while achieving mastery of standards.

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ThinkUp! Foundations

With ThinkUp! Foundations, you’ll build a school-wide critical thinking culture that promotes student engagement, deeper understanding, and a lifetime of learning. Versions are specifically designed for elementary school leaders and teachers and secondary school leaders and teachers.

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Our ThinkUp! Line of Critical Thinking Products

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The 9 Traits of Critical Thinking™

Each trait contributes to the development of skillful thinking and an environment that supports deeper learning. Students become more effective critical thinkers and problem solvers when they apply the 9 Traits: Adapt, Examine, Create, Communicate, Collaborate, Reflect, Strive, Link, and Inquire.

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